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positive phil

Keeping a Positive Outlook

One of the toughest things to do is keeping a positive outlook no matter what is going on around you. However, studies have shown that optimistic people and people who can think positively live longer … Read More



If you have a question about how to generate more leads for your business.. Or, How to create a revenue marketing program that increases sales through demand generation strategies.. You can also send … Read More

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What’s In Your Marketing Resume?

I have met a ton of people lately that are all of a sudden marketing experts. Oh well, it is what it is..Most marketing professionals think they know everything because perhaps they have worked for a … Read More


Why Podcast?

This one is a bit of a loaded question because podcasts didn’t even exist 25 years ago, so it is really still a new and developing technology. However, what is obvious is that they are not going to be … Read More


Crowd What?

There are typically three reactions to crowdfunding: It’s the worst! It’s an amazing idea with some real potential! Crowd what? Usually people who fall into the first category have either had a … Read More


Best Blogs

The number and range of blogs is staggering, making it difficult to decide which sites you should follow and which ones are just noise. When you want to blog about podcasts, it can seem like an … Read More