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Full Service Marketing and Lead Generation firm helping companies deploy and utilize lead generation strategies and technologies. Focusing on Demand Generation Strategies and Lead Generation for New Business Development.

Digital Marketing Services that Generate Leads.

When you need to produce results and get the best return for your marketing spend, consider hiring our firm as your outsourced Marketing and Lead Generation partner.

Our Marketing Services are catered to compliment organizations where marketing budgets are limited and there is a preference to use an experienced agency to execute lead generation and demand generation tactics.

Marketing Outsourcing all or part of your new business efforts is an effective strategy that will help you achieve a lower cost per lead and lower cost per acquisition.

Revenue Marketing & Demand Generation Strategies

Lead Management/Lead Nurturing
Funnel Optimization/Landing page
Sales and Marketing Process
Marketing Optimization
Demand Generation Process
Marketing Operations
Multichannel Marketing Strategy
Social Media Lead Generation

Can you demonstrate your marketing’s value per revenue?
From inbound marketing to outbound marketing, our digital marketing services will help you grow.

Goodbye Wasted Marketing Resources…Hello Revenue!

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Our marketing services include:

• Messaging and Branding
• Buyer Persona Development
• Creative/Design
Lead Generation and Demand Generation
• Campaign Development/Call Center Management
• Sales Enablement/Sales Process/Content Development
• Analytics and Reporting

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Outsourcing all or part of your demand generation execution efforts can be a key strategy to help you achieve revenue objectives and increase market share.

Partnering with our group allows you to focus on your core competencies and strategic initiatives.

The Ultimate Revenue Marketing Machine

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fade-leftfade-righta Direct Response Marketing Firm

Marketing Solutions in the B2B and B2C Markets.

We execute demand generation campaigns that will increase sales for your organization. Our technology, manpower and attitude to succeed is the secret to our success.  A Lower CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) for our partners is our ultimate goal.

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If you are spending too much money to acquire a lead. Call us today for a candid conversation on what we can do to strengthen your marketshare. 

motivational speaker Phil is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and company events about Demand Generation and Lead Generation Strategies.

See some of Phil’s presentations on Slideshare.

Some of his favorite topics to speak about include:

  • Solar Energy Lead Generation
  • The Value of Blogging / Guest Blogging
  • Demand Generation Programs
  • Out Sourcing Marketing

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Source B2B or B2C Leads From Phil

Our ability to originate our own leads sets us apart from other lead generators that are out in the market place. Most lead generators practice lead arbitrage and broker leads which will increase your CPL. Having the ability to create a lead at a fraction of the cost your competitors are paying is a good reason to give us a call.
demand generation manager

Industries Served:

Home Improvement
Alternative Energy/Solar
Tax Relief
Student Debt
Investor Outreach

Working with both emerging growth startups and brands looking to increase sales through direct response marketing tactics and demand generation strategies. Philip Morgan

  • Lead Generation, Lead Scoring, Lead Ranking, Lead Routing, Lead Nurturing, Demand Generation
  • Online Sales Funnel, Marketing Automation, CRM Campaign Execution, Demand Funnel Management
  • Reporting and Management, Call Center Infrastructure, Business Process Reviews, Data Base Management
  • Building Awareness, Social Media, Viral Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Inbound Marketing, SEO, Digital Marketing, SEM,Digital PR
  • Appointment Setting, Online Webinars, Customer Retention Programs, Contact Center Services, Data and Target List Mining
  • Demand Generation - Targeted Marketing Programs that Drive Awareness in the company's products or services
  • Inbound Sales and Incentive Programs, Call & Screen Recording, Live Transfers, Pay Per Click, Click to Call, Marketing and Sales Alignment, Website Development
  • Digital PR, Digital Marketing, Direct Response Marketing, Conversion Mail Pieces, A/B Testing

We look beyond our customer’s expectations.

Our vision is to be the most competitive service provider in the industry in our core competences. We strive to continuously improve our services to ensure that we are the best in the industry. Our aim is to consistently deliver unparalleled services to our customers.

We seek to continually epitomize the values of integrity, passion and innovation in all the services we provide to our customers. These values are the foundation upon which we continually strive to fulfill our vision.



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President and CEO, Solar Energy Financing Firm in San Diego CA

Hi Phil, I was wondering if you could take 10 minutes today and present at our company meeting with regard to what you are doing on lead generation? You have been very successful in restructuring our cost basis around lead gen, and I would like you to share the results of your success with the entire company. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks, President/CEO

Matt Baker, Green Energy- Sunny Gorilla

"I would highly recommend Phil to any company looking for someone to quickly find revenue in their marketing spend." Although we hired Phil on a contractual basis. He was able to to help us reach a CPA that our investors wanted to see in a short period of time. We continue to use his group on all lead generation efforts because Phil and his team continue to impress.