A Direct Response Marketing Firm Focusing on Demand and Lead Generation.

A Marketing Consulting firm helping companies deploy and utilize lead generation strategies and technologies. 

Specializing in targeted lead generation campaigns to increase sales.

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Effectively Managing Hundreds of Online Marketers from around the World and Offline Marketing Street Teams In Every Major U.S City.

We are able to stretch our client's marketing budgets further because of our BPO experience.

Working with both emerging growth startups and brands looking to increase sales through direct response marketing tactics and demand generation strategies. Experienced in building online sales funnels and business process outsourcing (BPO). 

Marketing Solutions in the B2B and B2C Markets.

We execute demand generation campaigns that will increase sales for your organization. Our technology, manpower and attitude to succeed is the secret to our success.  A Lower CPA ( Cost Per Acquisition)

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If you are spending too much money to acquire a lead. Call us today for a candid conversation on what we can do to strengthen your marketshare. 

motivational speaker Phil is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and company events about Demand Generation and Lead Generation Strategies.

See some of Phil’s presentations on Slideshare.

Some of his favorite topics to speak about include:

  • Solar Energy Lead Generation
  • The Value of Blogging / Guest Blogging
  • Demand Generation Programs
  • Out Sourcing Marketing

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Our ability to originate our own leads sets us apart from other lead generators that are out in the market place. Most lead generators practice lead arbitrage and broker leads which will increase your CPL. Having the ability to create a lead at a fraction of the cost your competitors are paying is a good reason to give us a call.
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Industries Served:

Home Improvement
Alternative Energy/Solar
Tax Relief
Student Debt
Investor Outreach

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