Alternative Energy Cars

Michael is founder and CEO of Evercar, where he works hands-on with customers, industry partners, and the Evercar team to create a scalable model for shared, electric vehicles. Michael brings almost twenty years of experience in clean mobility as an entrepreneur, engineer, consultant to Fortune 500 companies, and published researcher


Our Evercar on-demand business launched Los Angeles and is growing extremely rapidly (booked hours are increasing at 10% a week). We now run the largest fleet of EVs in rideshare, and our drivers have done over 15,000 fast charge events totaling over 100 Mwh.

We work directly with drivers, and connect them with a variety of TNCs (Lyft, Uber, Instacart, Postmates, etc.) so they not just drive clean vehicles, but make more money. The operational savings of EVs means more money in drivers’ pockets.

Evercar applied proven solar business models to EVs and pioneered “electric miles as a service.” Starting as “Solar City for Fleets,” our offering bundles vehicles, infrastructure, telematics, fuel, maintenance, insurance, support, and analytics in an integrated package that decreases costs and improves drivers’ and fleet managers’ top lines. Evercar delivers electric miles/hours at a cheaper cost than gasoline — while improving service levels, safety, and productivity.

Our fleet business currently operates one of the largest fleets of plug-ins with the City of Indianapolis, and services other municipalities such as the City of Atlanta. Our EV platform has helped Indy achieve plug-in rates that are 3x the national fleet average, leading to over 2.6 million clean miles delivered to date.