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Bill McAlister has spent 30 years in the “As Seen on TV” industry and has brought some of the most popular consumer products to marketing including Spray Perfect spray on nail polish, Stream Clean, Mighty Putty, Tag Away, and NightView glasses.  He “discovered” BeActive Brace at a speed pitch event in Philadelphia and the product developed by an at-home inventor skyrocketed.  Now, Bill and Top Dog Direct are hosting a Virtual Pitch Scholarship Event where the winning inventor will receive a $50,000 web test for their consumer product.

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Bill has terrific tips for at-home inventors on how to bring their products to market, how NOT to give money to any company looking for money to market a product, and what works and doesn’t work in the “As Seen on TV” world.

Example Questions:

-What excites you most about the business…about your life.What does your day consist of?

-What does Top Dog Direct look for in marketing consumer products?

-How has Top Dog Direct grown since its inception?

-How do you balance work and personal life?

-What brings you the greatest enjoyment?

-What tips can you offer to today’s listening audience about living your dream?

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