Augmented Reality Company Zugara Chats With Positive Phil

Today we chat with Zugara 

Zugara leverages the power of gestures, voice and Augmented Reality to create innovative and compelling experiences for retailers and brands.


Matthew Szymczyk-Director/CEO, Zugara

Greater Los Angeles Area

As CEO, Matthew Szymczyk, helps oversee revenue opportunities and strategic direction for Zugara. Matthew primarily handles account management and business development opportunities for the company including management of Zugara’s retail and brand clients and identification of reseller and technology partners. Matthew also handles development of strategic multi-channel programs for Fortune 500 brands and retailers.

We chat about…

– Why did Zugara shift to AR development?

– What has been the challenges for the AR market over the last 8 years? What are some of the challenges ahead for both AR and VR?

– What are specific verticals that play to the strengths of VR and AR?

– What is the Natural User Interface and why are voice, gesture and biometric input important to advancement of both AR & VR interaction?

– Their blog which covers topics on both the AR and VR industries –

– Their Facebook AR community page which features latest AR, VR, Gesture and other tech news –

Specialties: Augmented Reality Strategy, Business Development, Integrated Program Development, Retail Program Development, Patents

Augmented Reality and Natural User Interface Experience

Zugara Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Technology

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