Beef, How Well Do You Know Yours?

Honest Beef Company

Founder and CEO Hannah Raudsepp Chats Her Biz With Positive Phil.

Honest Beef connects people directly with ranchers, allowing them to “crowdsource” a cow and know exactly where their food comes from, how it was raised, and by whom.

Honest Beef has eliminated 60% of the conventional beef supply chain, offering a premium, dry-aged product delivered to your doorstep. 

I am the founder of Honest Beef Company.  I grew up on a cattle ranch in Nebraska, and took for granted that I understood how steak ended up on my plate. After moving to Boston, I realized that for most people, the beef supply chain is a mysterious system that lacks transparency and often times, quality. I found myself constantly defending my family’s livelihood, and became determined to do something about it. Honest Beef was born out of a symbiotic passion for the families who raise cattle, and a desire to give American consumers transparency into where their food comes from. 

I’m pretty comfortable with any and all questions! If you’re looking for ideas, you can ask

1) what the typical beef supply chain looks like,

2) why there’s not currently transparency in beef,

3) what the biggest misconceptions about beef are, 4) the level of transparency we strive to achieve,

5) what it means to “dry-age” beef and why it’s different from supermarket beef,

6) the story of our small-town butchers, and ultimately,

7) why Honest Beef Company is different. Hannah Raudsepp –

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