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Today we welcome Avi Freedman to the Positive Phil Show…

Avi is the founder and CEO of Kentik

Kentik provides Kentik Detect, a cloud-based network visibility and analytics solution that delivers a panoramic view of any network. Kentik processes tens of billions of data records per day, equipping service providers, Web enterprises, and network operations teams with actionable insights that enable them to make quick, cost-effective decisions.

The company was founded by network and Big Data technologists and executives from companies like Akamai, CloudFlare, YouTube, and Netflix, with decades of experience in operations, architecture and distributed systems. Kentik is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Visit or follow @KentikInc on Twitter.

Avi has decades of experience as a leading technologist and executive in networking. He was with Akamai for over a decade, as VP Network Infrastructure and then Chief Network Scientist. Prior to that, Avi started Philadelphia’s first ISP (netaxs) in 1992, later running the network at AboveNet and serving as CTO for ServerCentral. Could you tell me a little about yourself and how you came to co-found the CEO of Kentik?

We chat about…

What is your advice to small start-up companies and entreprenuers regarding their business strategy?

What are the key problems you are attempting to solve with Kentik?

You were at large companies before Kentik, what are some of the challenges

that are universal? What are some of the challenges that are different?

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