Keeping a Positive Outlook

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One of the toughest things to do is keeping a positive outlook no matter what is going on around you. However, studies have shown that optimistic people and people who can think positively live longer and have a much greater chance at success, in part because they realize failure is not the end, it’s just another lesson to learn. Knowing this and being able to stay positive though can be extremely … [Read more...]

Interview With Public Software Company


I first started Podcasting in 2008 for a company called Positive Stocks. Positive Stocks is a financial communications company.  This particular video was with an online software company, which was public at the time. The video has almost 200,000 views and this video alone proves that video content can truly drive investor and consumer traffic if positioned properly. … [Read more...]

What Tools Do You Use To Grow Your Company?

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These are all the tools, sites and services we use. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the stuff out there today. This resource page will help ease your mind. LANDING PAGES BUILD EASY LANDING PAGES WITH OPTIMIZE PRESS click HERE for my Discount EMAIL Marketing Tools We use Aweber Easy email marketing tools that allow you to send awesome emails. Click HERE for Discount WEBSITE … [Read more...]

What’s In Your Marketing Resume?

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I have been meeting a ton of people lately that are all of the sudden marketing experts. Oh well, it is what it is..Most marketing professionals think they know everything because perhaps they have worked for a big corporation or company for years doing the same thing over and over again. Most internet marketers dont work for companies..they are too busy making money for themselves. Then you have … [Read more...]

Creating Videos Can Make You Lots Of Money


Anyone can make a video. It just takes time and perhaps a little bit of a learning curve. I enjoy creating videos to engage people. So, Here I am. Marketing for more than 14 years. Working for companies such as Quiznos, Oneroof Energy, DRI Companies,AudioStocks, Jani King, Raving Brands, Alto Rio Mining, Casey Containers among others...I decided to write out some of my talents in the area of Video … [Read more...]

Positive Phil Video Product Review # 46

positive phil product review #46

This is my # 46th Product Review. I review products that my family enjoys using. The product for this produce review comes from Arctic Cove... Quick Arctic Cove Bio: The New and Improved Arctic Cove 18V Bucket Top Misting Fan has all the same great features of the previous model, but now includes a new Hi/Lo switch for adjustable fan and misting control, and quiet pump performance. It’s … [Read more...]

An Entrepreneur Does What?


Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship is organizing, managing, and foreseeing risks in a business owned by him/herself or somebody else. Through this article we will focus on having ambition and a positive attitude to achieve the same to grow your business to a larger scale altogether. First, start considering yourself an entrepreneur and not an employee. Today, the main reason behind failure of … [Read more...]

List of Lead Generation Companies


Lead Generation Startups (648) [sociallocker] Related Categories: Advertising, Sales and Marketing, Internet Marketing, Software, B2B Positive Phil HubSpot Categories: Lead Generation, Software Marketo Categories: Brand Marketing, Lead Management, Analytics, Optimization, Lead … [Read more...]

Favorite Online Tools


Tools of the Trade [sociallocker] GTmetrix Having a tool to examine page speed and diagnose opportunities for improvement  is now an essential part of the SEO toolkit. Web Developer Toolbar The Web Developer Toolbar has become much relied-upon during the technical phase of our SEO audits. To learn how to use it for SEO, read Glenn Gabe’s SEO Audits & the Web Developer Plugin: … [Read more...]

Positive Phil Presents an Interview With Technology Company


One of my First Podcasts back in 2009. Positive Phil presents an interview with Jim Kovach, COO of CrowdOptic. Jim shares some of his unique career history from being a middle linebacker in the NFL to earning a medical degree to working as an attorney. Positive Phil asks all the important questions we have for this successful and passionate entrepreneur. Jim also shares information about Crowd … [Read more...]

Interview With a Silver Mining Public Company


Check out a Video Interview we made back in 2008. The video now has close to 200,000 Views On Youtube.  Its about a Silver Mining Company. I interviewed the CEO of the company and we then positioned the video content into an investor search.  I was intrigued with the entire precious metals industry so I decided to pick a small emerging growth silver mining public company to chat with. … [Read more...]