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Co-Author, Speaker, Advocate and So Much More…Al Harris Chats with Positive Phil. Check out the Book: BREAKING THROUGH BIAS: COMMUNICATION TECHNIQUES FOR WOMEN TO SUCCEED AT WORK.

Al Harris was a founding partner of the Chicago law firm of Ungaretti & Harris where Andie started her legal career and which in 2015 merged into the national law firm of Nixon Peabody LLP. At Ungaretti & Harris, Al served for many years as managing partner and then as a member of its Executive and Compensation Committees. In these roles, he had extensive experience watching and evaluating women as they move up the career ladder. Over the course of his career, Al has grown increasingly concerned about the barriers and biases women face in traditionally male career environments. Because of this concern, Al has mentored and advised women in many career fields. His focus is always on the communication skills they need to advance in their chosen fields, despite the prevalence of negative gender stereotypes. Al co-authored with Andie the 2014 article, “Taking Control: Women, Gender Stereotypes, and Impression Management.” Al and Andie speak together and separately on these important topics.


To succeed in their chosen careers, women don’t need to wait for more female friendly workplaces, and they don’t need to behave more like men. Andie and Al persuasively argue the disparity in women’s and men’s career achievements is principally due to the prevalence of biases against women that flow from traditional gender stereotypes. They present sensible and effective communication techniques to overcome these biases so women can advance in their careers as far and as fast as their talents and hard work will take them.
Women at work best business book of 2016 pick!

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