CEO and Founder Talks With Positive Phil About A Revenue Optimization Platform…

LodgIQ is a start-up dedicated to providing advanced revenue optimization technologies to the travel industry. Their breakthrough next-generation revenue optimization platform, LodgIQ RM, was developed by seasoned travel executives and Silicon Valley technologists. Built around a multi-source big data eco-system, LodgIQ RM combines sophisticated machine learning with an intuitive and powerful user interface to deliver advanced recommendations and actionable analytics.


The platform is designed to think, learn and morph with each user’s unique clickstream enabling the user to make optimal revenue decisions. LodgIQ has headquarters in New York City, and maintains offices in Silicon Valley and Bangalore.

We Discuss:

  • How did LodgIQ start and what need is it filling in the hospitality tech space?
  • What are your future plans with LodgIQ?
  • How does the technology benefit hotels and revenue managers?
  • What are the current challenges hotels are facing?
  • Are your services available worldwide?
  • Does this directly impact consumers?

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