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COIN UP Co Founder Chats With Positive Phil.

Leena Patidar is a self-made, “momprenuer” with an extensive resume in the financial services field. She is an innovator and philanthropist that is breaking down barriers and making real change with her ingenious ideas for charitable giving.

After acquiring her Business Administration degree from Loyola University of Chicago, Patidar realized her talent for numbers and became a CPA.  One of her first positions was as an Auditor with Citibank. There, she had the gravitas to ensure regulatory and legal compliance. Patidar soon recognized that understanding the accounting of any business was the key to its prosperity. She was selected out of hundreds of national qualified candidates to be sent to a third world country and work at Citibank offices as an expatriate to improve operational efficiencies and learn global leadership within the management programs. Patidar traveled the globe and spent 6 months in Mumbai, India, Jakarta, and Indonesia learning their systems, then developing and working with the international management team to create a stronger financial architecture for these emerging economies.

After the Wall Street Journal India highlighted her achievements, Patidar was inspired to “create” and joined Ernst & Young’s Management Consulting team, where she developed one of the first internet banking systems. She quickly became known as a problem solver and pioneer in her field. Now Patidar takes her innovative thinking to build several businesses, as well as provide strategic and financial advice to startups and small to mid-size companies.

Being the eldest daughter of a first generation Indian family of doctors, education was a priority. In 2001, Patidar decided to further her wealth of knowledge and attended MIT/Sloan School of Business, one of the world’s best schools for innovation and entrepreneurship, where she obtained her MBA. Patidar became the VP of the Sloan Venture Capital Club and was involved in the Sloan’s Women in Business Club.  She is also one of the founding members of the MIT Tech Tours Program.  While she was at MIT/Sloan, she took Associate Internship positions at Battery Ventures and SoftBank Ventures, where she evaluated numerous business plans and advised startups, giving her insight to successful business strategies and management teams.

While residing in San Diego, Patidar obtained her Brokers License to actively develop a real estate fund and portfolio, that she still maintains today. Expanding on her passion for helping and mentoring others, Patidar currently sits on the National Board of the CFO Leadership Council, the Board of Outside The Lens, and the Advisory Board of Just Like My Child. Patidar continues to lend advise to women in business, a plethora of nonprofits and emerging startup companies on ways they can better their business. But being a role model to her 2 kids is the most important legacy Patidar will leave behind.



After graduating from Harvard Business School with a “Management Development Non For Profit Program” certificate of achievement, Patidar decided to dedicate her life to magnifying the efforts of nonprofits. Currently she is the Co-Founder and CEO of Coin Up, an innovative mobile app that creates social impact CHANGE.

With Coin Up, users can download the free app, register their credit or debit card, and round up their spare change on every transaction until they reach their monthly limit. This virtual “spare change” is then directly deposited into the users’ choice of charities, offering Millennials a new way to give (@coinupapp).

We chat about the following…

Since you have created an innovative charitable app, what other apps do you rely on?

You are so accomplished and so well educated, how do you find time to have a work / life balance especially being a mompreneur?

What makes your app, Coin Up, different?

How did you and your partner Scott Graham come up with the COIN UP concept?

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