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Chris Kuenne Bio Chris Kuenne is a successful business builder, growth capital investor and member of Princeton University’s entrepreneurship faculty. Fascinated by the question of what motivates people to act as they do in a commercial context, he built Rosetta, a digital marketing firm where he and his colleagues translated insights about customer motivation into personalized sales and marketing techniques designed to accelerate growth.

After Rosetta sold to the Publicis Group in 2011, he now teaches these techniques to his students at Princeton and applies them to drive the enterprise value of companies at Rosemark Capital, the private equity firm he founded. The task of building a business from the ground up is enormously challenging, whether in a stand-alone start-up or a new venture inside a larger corporation. There are many elements at play— but when building for growth is the imperative, the most important and often least understood is the personality of the builder or founder. It shapes everything from the team and product to the overall business strategy and it is the one resource that founders can directly control. In BUILT FOR GROWTH: How Builder Personality Shapes Your Business, Your Team, and Your Ability to Win (June 6, 2017), Chris Kuenne and John Danner, decode the interplay between builder personality and new business growth. They demonstrate that who you are shapes how you build.

BUILT FOR GROWTH blends quantitative research findings, personal interviews, and experienced analysis to illustrate how each type handles the five dynamic challenges of building businesses of enduring value: converting ideas into products, galvanizing individual talent for collective impact, transforming buyers to partners, aligning financial and other support and scaling the business. Kuenne and Danner provide tools, stories and practical suggestions to better understand the forces behind Builder Personalities and the role they play in conceiving, leading and scaling new businesses. Using a patented analytic methodology Kuenne and Danner discovered there is no single type of highly successful business builder, but rather four distinct Builder Personalities, each of whom build businesses of significant scale in markedly different ways. – The Driver: Relentless, Commercially Focused, and Highly Confident – The Explorer: Curious, Systems-Centric, and Dispassionate – The Crusader: Audacious, Mission-Inspired, and Compassionate – The Captain: Pragmatic, Team-Enabling, and Direct Entrepreneurs who understand their own Builder Personality— the particular combination of beliefs and preferences that drive their motivation, decision making, and leadership style—can select the right team, early customers and financial sponsors for maximum impact.

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