Comedian Entrepreneuer…Monqiue Madrid Joins Us On The Positive Phil Podcast

Monique Madrid…She is a comedian, writer and actress, she is an awesome businesswoman.She is the owner of Monique Madrid Styling, a freelance hair and makeup company where she is hired for personal styling, film and television.
She produces and is the host of a comedy show…2 Girls 1 Pup – the comedy show you can bring your dog to and it’s podcast. The show was named one of the “10 Best New Stand-Up Shows in L.A” by LA Weekly and the PUPcast is growing in popularity. In it she talks to comedians and dog-related experts (and even a US Congressman) about what else, dogs! 

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Monique Madrid is an entrepreneur who puts her all into everything she does and does it while having fun!
“2 Girls 1 Pup” on iTunes and Stitcher.

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How do you balance being an artist and still making a living? What’s it like to have so many projects going on at once? How do you combine your passions with your work?

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