Conflict Management Solutions

Brāv is an online platform to manage conflicts at school, work, home or more. We train anyone in conflict management who in turn manage the conflicts of others on our site. (

Brāv has an ultimate goal of actual, virtual court and uses three types of conflict managers:

1. Brāv Ones who are trained on our site to manage the conflicts of others,
2. Licensed Professionals and
3. Bots who help manage conflicts through asking a series of queries and based on responses sending the information to the intended Administration. Brāv ultimately becomes the first option in workplaces, schools, in lieu of HRs, deans and principals’ standard policies. In this way, there is less work for everyone! In addition, teaming up with groups including schools, work places, police departments and task forces allow for accountability, where all parties are ensured to come together.

What are some of the new and exciting features that Brāv has up its sleeve?

Can individuals and organizations use Brāv? How does that work?

So you can sign up to be a conflict manager, which is a Brāv One or a Brāv User, which requests help managing a dispute?

Where do you see Brāv being used? (Prison systems, courts, schools, workplaces, etc)

See how Brāv works:

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