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Michelle is a successful business owner who has real-life stories about how to make it in your own business. Michelle is an expert in her field of the Customer Service Industry and not only has a strong focus on the customers experience but how to motivate your customer service team as a whole.

She is also passionate about mystery shopping and specializes in multiple facets of service operations and processes.

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Over the past 22 years Michelle has had to do a lot of learning while on the run but what was most important was being flexible and never saying “No” when a client asked for something that may not have been in my service offering at that time, however, it did complement the other services and I was then able to offer the new service to other clients.

Michelle’s vision for her business is to continue to evolve and to provide our clients with “real time data” that will engage their teams so they provide a service experience that is memorable for all the right reasons.  Leadership in an intergenerational workforce and clientele is a critical component in every business; providing programs that develop them professionally and personally is important to a positive workplace culture.

• Is your business moving fast enough to meet your customers’ needs?

• To hire an Intern or a Junior, that is the question.
• Staff not staying – Where is the problem?
• Analysing the performance of your people from a customers perspective
• What can you offer Gen Y
• Is it lonely at the top?  – Mastermind Group or a Work Colleague
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