Entrepreneur Couldn’t Find A Product In The Stores So She Created Her Own

Cassy Burnside is the CEO and Founder of www.fatco.com At FATCO, “At FATCO, they specialize in making Natural & Organic Bodycare products using tallow (aka rendered beef fat) from grass-fed, pasture raised, happy cows! Tallow is extremely nourishing & nutrient dense, and is healing for skin conditions like eczema & psoriasis. We also carry a full line of Cleansing Oils and Deodorants, thus offering products for everyone in your family!”

She started this company in 2014 out of her kitchen with $10K of her own savings. She had LOTS of people around her tell her she was nuts…”no one is ever going to buy lotion made out of cow fat”…but i believed in it.
2017 will be the year that they move into more retail., targeting stores like Whole Foods, Natural grocery stores, have had discussions with Target about testing on Target.com, think stores like Urban outfitters would be a Great Fit, etc etc.Casey background is in manufacturing. Went to college and received her BS in Mechanical Engineering. Worked in large scale automotive manufacturing for 9 years before starting this business.

Every day I love coming into work…which is not something that I can say about my old job. I love that every day brings new challenges!



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