Entrepreneur Podcast

Entrepreneur Podcast

The Positive Phil Show, a Top Motivation and Business Podcast just reached 100,000 downloads in the past 30 days. Host Positive Phil started the show as a way for positive entrepreneurs to help illustrate their journey to success.

Positive Phil interviews industry experts, like the Founder and CEO of Eyefluence which was just acquired by Google Jim Marggraff,singer Matisyahu, former Atlanta Falcons Player Attorney and Doctor Jim Kovach with CrowdOptics,Susan Hunt CEO with WeSpire, CEO Elizabeth Dodson of HomeZada, Adrian Ridner CEO and CO-Founder of Study, Wayne Kimmel Venture Capitalist with SeventySixCapital Venture Capitalists and CEO of Sports Engagement app Thuuz and others more..

The show is being featured throughout digital platforms.

To check out the show, search Positive Phil on Itunes, Google Play, Stitcher or other digital platforms.

The Positive Phil Show is a Daily Podcast Hosted by Positive Phil, Sharing Interviews with Ambitious Entrepreneurs and Positive Thought Leaders..Motivating! Live Life With Passion! www.positivephil.com

Podcasting is what I am destined to do.
I feel like I am creating such a positive impact by sharing positive values and positive stories of entrepreneurship. I am working full time trying to support my passion and of course my family while traveling down this narrow path. Trying my best to succeed! This content is Positive, Refreshing and Encouraging. Our mission is to help spread positive values through entrepreneurship. …

We are growing and need to hire people to help in our initiative. Entrepreneur Podcast

Positive Phil Podcast


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