Flight Attendant with a Passion for Travel Develops Social Airport App

The SocialTravelr App is the brainchild of Pamela Creighton – a flight attendant with a passion for travel. Creighton has spent nearly a decade of experience in the industry and understands all too well the stress and boredom associated with waiting on flights.


As a non tech founder, She had to navigate the tech world to get app done.


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    Learning everyday about the tech space and being able to meet and learn from people.

    Tips to staying positive: believe your idea, yourself, don’t let people lack of enthusiasm deter you or negative words. Stay focused and work hard. Waiting on delayed cancelled, and connecting flights is set to become a lot more tolerable with the launch of the new and exciting app, SocialTravelr.

    Anyone who has experienced a flight delay or has had a flight cancelled understands how frustrating the waiting process is. SocialTravelr is the airport social networking app that makes layovers and flight delays more fun for travelers and airline crewmembers.

    Through this app users can make connections with solo travelers and business travelers and other airline employees while waiting for their flights. But apart from connecting with others, SocialTravelr enables users to discuss travel plans, hobbies interests and more.  Group travelers can also coordinate travel plans and keep tabs on each other throughout their trip.

    Other features include the capacity to:

    Set date and time of travel to the airport

    Find and invite airport friends for coffee, food, drink or chat

    Post pics of travels  and comment on live feed from others

    Explore people’s travel pictures, travel tips and more.

    When asked about her motivation for creating the app, she explained: “One day She was walking through O’Hare and saw a man at the bar having a drink by himself. She thought to herself, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if he could meet someone while waiting for his flight?’ It was at that very moment that the idea for the app was birthed.”

    With this new app travelers no longer have to resort to mind numbing activities to pass the time. Instead, they can strike up new connections which may even last a lifetime.

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