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Suitcase of Happyness-Mark Jaffe, a former senior executive at The Walt Disney Company, spent many years creating happy moments. He now shows others how they can achieve and enjoy their happiest life.www.suitcaseofhappyness.com is a new way to feel, a new way to live. A state of being that lasts and endures. Can you honestly say, “I’m a happy person”?

Think about it – you’ve worked hard, you’ve had great results, you have people that love you, you’re a good person. Why does it still feel like something is missing?

What would it be like to just be happy and feel good every day?

Happyness” is a new way to feel, a new way to live. A state of being that lasts and endures.

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Mark will show you how to achieve contentment and satisfaction and peace, with an everyday state of being that includes pleasure, fulfillment, and meaning. You will learn how to move from the disappointment of life not showering you with the happiness you always wanted, to the gratitude and appreciation for the happyness you can now experience, and that is yours to keep.

You will be able to take yourself from the feeling of lacking something, to a new place that feels complete and whole and rich. A new place that offers joy and elation and bliss and delight … along with calmness, serenity, congruence, and harmony.

In other words, a place that just simply feels good!

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how much money you have. It can be yours even if your obstacles are in your head. Or you feel them in your body.

There are real and practical ways to be happier. They are easy to do. They work. Mark will take you down the ten pathways you can follow as you pack your suitcase of happyness and take it with you on the road of life.

Your happiest life is waiting for you.How can we take fleeting moments of happiness and turn our lives into enduring and lasting states of happyness?

We Chat About The Following:

What are the barriers to creating happyness and how can we overcome them?

What are the potential pathways to happyness that we can create?

What is a suitcase of happyness and how can we get one?

‘’The program consists of interviews with positive people and thought leaders, as well as others in the social, business and entertainment community.

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