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I recently had a disruptive advertising technology company on the show and we had an engaging conversation about how important it is to add context to content and I wanted to share some of that technology with you.
Very similar to Proximity Beacons, they embed a high frequency tone inside any piece of TV, Advertising, Music and Video Games content and when the mobile app has it’s microphone optin into, they can send a hyperlink to the Mobile phone. But unlike Proximity Beacons, their Audio Beacons do not use bluetooth and don’t require hardware.
Example for Music and Sporting Venues

….a high frequency tone is embedded inside the music or audio being played…When the audio tone goes off, the mobile phone (which has opted in and have microphone turned on) can receive the audio tone and is sent a hyperlink to ecommerce, promotion, contest or anywhere else we sent it to.

Companies spend money creating demand to get the consumer to the event…then they spend even more money to engage them while at the event…but what really happens during and then after the event…
Personally, I’m not searching on my phone for a link to ecommerce or a coupon – I want it delivered to me while i’m at the event… this is the change we have to be ready for.
Anything successful has context. Remember this. You’re going to need it as we move in to 2017.

Social media has given consumers a voice, and finally many of us are starting to listen.

It’s also given brands and businesses a platform from which to speak. Communication between brands and consumers has become a 2-way street, and content marketing has taken center stage. We share information, post (hopefully) valuable content, and engage with our social networks. This is great

—we have learned so much more about our target audiences as well as how to listen to what they’re saying and glean valuable data.

The next step—it’s time to use what we’ve learned. It’s not enough to just be social.  Now it’s time to be smart and focus our content into the right context.

Here’s where content marketing moves into context marketing.

Context will matter more than ever before. We’re listening better, we’re learning more, and we’re developing the technology and skills to better target, personalize, and deliver messaging at just the right time, in just the right space, to just the right person.  

High traffic and social engagement don’t amount to much and provide very little ROI if it’s not done in the proper context.

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Our popular growing podcast which currently airs on iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, Spreaker, Soundcloud, on our official website, RSS feeds globally, and many more digital platforms!