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Eyefluence’s Eye-Tracking Interface Lets You Navigate Virtual Reality Hands-Free

Eyefluence synchronizes biology and technology to deliver eye-interaction user interfaces for the HMD industry (head-mounted displays). We Have CEO, Inventor Jim Marggraff on the show….What a great guy! Awesome company….with real world impact.

We Discuss On The Show..

-What does Eyefluence do?
-Eyefluence’s mission is to “transform intent into action through your eyes.” What does this mean?
-What is the difference between eye-tracking and eye-interaction?
-What problem is Eyefluence solving for the HMD market?
-What applications for AR and VR do you see having the biggest impact on the way people use computing devices?
-Give an example of how Eyefluence eye-interaction will “expand human potential and empathy.”
-As someone who is playing a role in shaping the future of this space, where do you see the HMD market in the next 3-5 years?

From Website

jim-marggraff-450x600What if you could rethink human communication? What if you could perceive, peruse, and process information in milliseconds? What if you could accelerate intelligence at the speed of sight? At Eyefluence, we are engineering the ability to transform intent into action through your eyes. Leveraging eye biomechanics and the eye-brain connection with the first-ever eye-interaction technology solution for HMDs, we are expanding human potential and creating new possibility in VR, AR, and MR worlds.

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