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Today We Welcome Carment Turgeman

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Carmit Turgeman is a seasoned entrepreneur and veteran engineer. Her innovative developments have led to the creation of immensely successful products and the inception of MindBlower, an idea-to-market platform for consumer goods that bridges the gap between having a good idea, funding it, and ultimately bringing that idea to market. As the Founder and CEO of MindBlower, Carmit helps other inventors take their ideas to market and facilitates patent approval, product design, research & development, prototypes, branding, manufacturing, and sales to the proper outlets.

Carmit’s journey in invention and entrepreneurship began when she invented the wildly successful Genie-S refill technology, which is the mechanics behind innovative pump-fill refillable perfume atomisers such as Travalo and Perfume Pod. Today, Genie-S refill technology is a global success story with over 30 Million units sold and registered patents in over 50 countries.

Prior to founding Genie-S International, Carmit was the VP of Business Development for ZOG-DESIGN, an industrial design company engaged in engineering and product development. There, she managed 15 employees (designers and engineers), and facilitated the development of entrepreneurship, and managed customer portfolios and marketing. As the CEO and Owner of THI LTD, she focused on product development in the cosmetics industry, registered a product patent, prepared market research and a detailed business plan, recruited investors, and developed a product.

Carmit received her Bachelor of Science (BSc), Engineering/Industrial Management from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

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