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Joel Schwartz is the founder of the uber successful Parlor.me voice-based social networking app. After realizing the interpersonal detriments of nonverbal communication via texting, instant messaging, and social media comments, Joel invented and brought to market the first and only verbal talking network app to bring back the power of vocal conversations. The app exploded in popularity and now has 2.4 million total downloads and over 450K monthly users. It is even projected to reach 100 million users in 2017!

Additional information Joel and Parlor.me are revolutionizing the art of communication by providing a platform for people to step out of their comfort zone and engage in deeper, one-on-one verbal conversations. While we know nonverbal modes of communication like texting, instant messaging, and emailing are here to stay, Parlor.me is enabling people to courageously invest in relationships and take conversations to a deeper level.

example questions 1.      How has social media impacted the way we communicate with each other?

2.      Do you think there is a decline in face-to-face communication?

3.      When is it appropriate to send texts or tweets and when should you have a live conversation?

4.      What types of cues do you miss when you only communicate via text messages?

5.      What inspired you to design the Parlor.me app?

6.       How is it different from other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, etc.?

7. Tell us about the new features in 4.0.  Is it user friendly?

8. Do users primarily gravitate to connecting with their existing group of friends or are you seeing a lot of interaction/conversations based on topic between people that don’t know each other?

9.      One of the new features is the ability to connect with celebrities right?  How does it work? Which celebrities have come on board? Is there anything else out there that allows for this level of interaction with celebrities?

10.   Do you think it’s important for people to detox from technology?  Can you recommend some ways to totally unplug?

11.  What’s next for you?

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