Positive Solar

This series on the Positive Phil Show. We explore Positive Solar Companies and Individuals Behind Those Companies. Everyone knows #ElonMusk, but what about China’s richest man, Li Hejun or the Local Solar Installer? We chat about alternative energy, awesome companies representing cool new technologies and best of all…ways to make some GREEN in the solar bubble before its pops…

#solar is being installed every 4 min in the United States. Where is the opportunity? Well, with solar, opportunity is everywhere. However, there are a lot of negative companies out there…we explore some of the positive ones.  We have people on the show that started as a roofer 5 years ago installing solar systems as a laborer. Now, his networth is $10M. We sat down and asked him what was the key to his success. He said climbing up a ladder each day and looking down for opportunity.

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