Registered Nurse turned CEO Chats with Positive Phil Podcast

Trina Felber is CEO of the Primal Life Organics Paleo Skincare Company, where she has developed over 100-food based skincare solutions to feed the skin. Her entrepreneurial skills and business-savvy mindset are an inspiration to women everywhere.

She is the Natural Skincare Expert and Skincare Biohacker and is improving the way you feed your skin.  She is a certified registered nurse anesthetist, and international best-selling author of Beauty’s Dirty Secret and her products have been featured on TV stations all over the country. She is dedicated to helping others realize the dangers in everyday cosmetics and skincare, and spreading awareness for the importance of using plant-based products.

Registered nurse turned CEO, Trina creates skincare made from food to heal the body.


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Trina’s in-depth understanding of how the body utilizes micronutrients to maintain health are the basis for every product she creates- and her products get the results Big Cosmo promises, but falls short doing.

example questions

What is the impact of putting food based products on your skin?

What are your biggest challenges?

You created a tooth powder that can actually heal cavities?  How does this work?

Explain how becoming a Skincare Biohacker is an extension of your nursing career.

How do you keep balance in your life with work, family and other commitments?

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