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Efficient Portfolio

CHARLIE READING is a chartered financial planner, entrepreneur, speaker, and author who has a passion for amazing retirement planning. Amongst his four businesses, he runs the successful Chartered Financial Planning practice, Efficient Portfolio. Based in both Rutland and London, his firm specialises in investment and retirement planning, with particular focus on investment management, wealth protection, and retirement strategies. Having been in the financial services industry since 1999, his qualifications place him in the top 10% of all financial advisers in the UK.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAMCAAAAJGU3NGJmYTQ0LTc2NzgtNDE3Yy1iY2Y3LTY4YTZjN2IyZmZlNgCharlie Reading is a Chartered Financial Planner, entrepreneur, speaker and author of ‘The Dream Retirement’, so it’s no surprise that he has a passion for amazing retirement planning. Amongst his 4 businesses he runs the successful Chartered Financial planning practice Efficient Portfolio that specialises in investment and retirement planning and is based in both Rutland and London. He is also in the top 10% of all financial advisers in the UK, with particular focus on investment management, wealth protection and retirement strategies.

Charlie has successfully helped many people save for, manage and enjoy their retirement, often when they didn’t think they had saved enough. Through careful planning he has shown them how they can maximise the money, reduce their risk and design an income strategy that delivers the life they desire.

But Charlie is also passionate about building a better life through understanding what makes us happy and healthy. What makes our mind tick, and what strengthens our relationships, because ultimately the financial side of retirement is just the starting point.

Aside from financial planning, he runs the Rural Business Community, which endeavours to help small and start-up companies take the first step on the business ladder, by providing them with cost-effective services and collaborative opportunities.

In 2013 Charlie founded The Efficient Charitable Portfolio, which raises money for both local, national and international causes. Through his cycling challenges (he’s just completed 142 gruelling miles in the Dragon Ride in aid of UNICEF) and businesses he continually raises both funds and awareness of multiple charities.

He loves spending time with his wife and two daughters, playing golf and squash, cycling, travelling and is passionate about scuba diving, safari and good wine.

Q1. One of the common problems people face in retirement is their money. Many people either don’t get the returns they need and others take far too much risk and lose everything. What can you recommend to stop this?

Q2. The other financial concern people in retirement have is that they do not have enough income. What can they do about that, especially if they are already retired?

Q3: Retirement can be a daunting time for people, mainly because they are going into the unknown. When it comes to their money, how can they better understand their financial future?

Q4: Aside from money, how can keep in retirement make the most of their time and make sure that they aren’t living a boring existence?

Q5: The final concern, I hear a lot from people in retirement is about their health. People are living for longer, but more and more people are also needed care for a range of ailments. Do you have any tips on how people can improve their health and wellbeing in retirement?

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