Social Media Platform..a Work-Related Community of over 58 Million Members

Dedicated To Empowering America’s Workforce CEO Jeff Goff from JobcaseToday we welcome Fred Goff, CEO and Founder of  Jobcase is the only social media platform dedicated to empowering America’s workforce.

As a growing, work-related community of over 58 million members, Jobcase provides a place to ask questions, get work advice and find opportunity. Comscore now ranks Jobcase Inc. 6th in the nation for career service traffic at present.

Fred is the founder of Jobcase. His career started in the financial industry, where he managed over a billion dollars for BankBoston, and went on to start an artificial intelligence-based hedge fund. He closed the fund before the economic downturn, and redirected the firm’s core competency in data science to building a company in career-based online media. After gaining an intimate understanding of online career services, Fred and team discovered that a very large percentage of Americans (60% +) are underserved by traditional online job boards due to biases in career-track, job role, or education.

Thus, Jobcase was born – with a mission to empower all workers regardless of their background. With the help of data-driven processes,

Jobcase aims to connect the right people at the right time, giving members the tools and support to discover their best working life.

In Jobcase’s infancy, Fred wanted to ensure that the company was able to advocate for job seekers, both on its social media site and on the ground in local communities.

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This is why Jobcase Cares, the company’s philanthropic outreach program, was born.

Jobcase Cares seeks out nonprofit and charitable organizations that share the mission of empowerment, and offers them free technology and capabilities to support and accelerate their efforts.

Jobcase Cares places emphasis on veterans, community groups, religious organizations, unions, and under-served workforce populations such as youth and the disabled.

Do you have any questions or topics you want us to cover? (Example Questions: Your toughest challenges in the market place? What does your day consist of? What apps or tools do you rely on the most? Any Suggestions on How to Balance Work and Social Life..etc)

We Chat About The Following:

• What drove you to create Jobcase?
• What are some of the biggest challenges you believe today’s workforce is facing?
• What should today’s job seeker be thinking or doing differently?
• How is Jobcase helping it’s members to overcome today’s work challenges?
• How is technology able to improve the lives of America’s workforce?
• As CEO, how do you keep a pulse on the conversations occurring on Jobcase?
• How do you see Jobcase growing in the next 5-10 years?
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