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I actually did some reasearch on a topic we spoke about…

The Koch Brothers…Boy! They seem so evil and greedy.

The Koch Brothers’ Dirty War on Solar Power

All over the country, the Kochs and utilities have been blocking solar initiatives — but nowhere more so than in Florida Read more:

We also spoke Politics..

Bernie Sanders

Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., waits while he is introduced during a town hall meeting at Nashua Community College in Nashua, N.H., Saturday, June 27, 2015. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.,

Alicia Leinberger is the Democratic candidate for the 96th WI Assembly District. She was born in 1968 in Indiana, and grew up in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. Her parents are both retired public school teachers who taught her the value of education, life-long learning and public service. In 1994 she graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where she received a BS in Conservation Biology.

Following three years in Central America serving in the Peace Corps, Alicia’s passion for people and planet led her to Equal Exchange Coffee, where she became a pioneer in the Fair Trade movement throughout the Midwest. She used the same model to advocate for fair milk prices for small dairy farmers, and sees agriculture as the life-blood of rural communities. Alicia believes small local farms and businesses are the best way to create healthy economies and good jobs.

Her dedication to making business work as a positive force in society ultimately drew her to the energy sector. In 2002 she founded a renewable energy non-profit where she worked for a decade. Alicia moved to Viroqua in 2007 where she lives with her two children. In 2013, Alicia established Ethos Green Power to meet the demands of a changing world and to promote energy self-reliance. Alicia advocates for renewable energy markets and policies, and believes in building an economy that serves the interest of citizens over the profit of corporations.

She believes that we need to get big money out of government, and protect local control of resources. She believes that private profit must be not be allowed to erode the public good, that people and the environment must be valued and respected so that we all share in the wealth of this great country.

She believes in Democratic values: public education and community infrastructure; local control of air, land, and water rights; health care for all citizens; a fair minimum wage; clean energy to combat climate change while creating skilled and good-paying jobs at home; and strong rural communities.

Alicia’s experience with agriculture and energy gives her a clear vision of legislation and regulation that puts our people first and protects us all against exploitative corporate interests. As a single mother of two bright and healthy children, and a business owner serving customers and caring for employees, she understands the value of investing in our communities. Most importantly, Alicia enjoys a good challenge and approaches problems as an opportunity for growth.

She believes in the power of citizens and commits to serving the constituents of the 96th Assembly District by taking action at the State level to put our people first.

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