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Discover Within ,Suzanne Duncan is a coach, author, and single mother of 3. Suzanne never imagined life as a single parent but tragically her husband lost his life to cancer in 2011. Suzanne has a strong and loving relationship with her children and has put them at the forefront of everything she has accomplished since becoming a single parent. This included studying to change careers, so that she could be at home during school holidays, and managing household finances.

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Suzanne Duncan has a business called DiscoverWithin and coach single parents to regain a full and meaningful life, evolving from where they are to where they could be through inspiring change from within. 

For 3 years she cared for my terminally ill husband, who desperately wanted to live and had so much to offer, only to fade away and lose his life to cancer. He was 44 years old.

This really brought home to her that life is so valuable, so precious, so worth living to the full. Put effort in; embrace life, engage with it and work towards being the best version of yourself so that you can give and contribute to your children and others with gratitude and joy.

Her passion is to champion single parents to be the best version of themselves, not only for their own empowerment but for their children’s.

We chat about the following:

What obstacles did you encounter as a single parent?

How did you cope with the ‘down-times’?

What would you share with someone who has just become a single parent?

What is the one essential ingredient that single parents need for success?

Any final thoughts on how to be successful at single parenting?

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