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Nancy Weinstein, Founder and CEO of Mindprint is a personalized learning solution. Their online cognitive assessment offers the most efficient, accurate, and affordable approach to understand how every student learns best and empowers educators to make appropriate choices for each student based on the student’s learning profile.

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Mindprint’s cognitive battery was developed in the Brain Behavior Lab at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. It measures 10 foundational learning skills in the domains of executive functions (including attention), processing speed, complex reasoning, and episodic memory. The assessment was normed on 10,000 children ages 8 to 21, including gifted learners and those with learning differences, and has been extensively studied and validated in the research literature.

The battery can be administered in 1-2 hours on any computer. It is self-administered, allowing for any adult to proctor and optional group administration. Results are presented through a detailed report with a focus on the significance of each cognitive skill in learning. Skills are described in clear language with concrete examples so all educators can comfortably understand, discuss and communicate learning strengths and needs. While detailed score reports are available, the emphasis is on how cognitive skills drive efficient and enjoyable learning and not on numerical scores.

Results are linked to research-based learning strategies that can be used by educators on an as-needed basis to support struggling learners or provide additional stimulation for advanced learners. Our recommendations for apps, games and websites can be used by educators depending on their specific needs and to nurture strengths so students become more confident, successful learners. All the reviews are written by certified teachers using a UDL-inspired rubric so individual selections can be made by academic topic with consideration of a students’ cognitive strengths and needs.

In short, they provide an effective and efficient way to identify students’ learning strengths and needs, that when used in combination with existing measures, provides a much more comprehensive picture of what each student needs to be successful.

They empower educators and improve their efficiency by enabling them to find strategies to support a struggling learner if and when they need them.

They enable them to supplement their existing teaching resources with apps, games, and websites organized by academic topic that will be a good fit for individual learners.

Mindprint is the most effective, research-based first step for every student to learn more easily and efficiently.

We chat about the following:
-What are the benefits (and downsides) of working as a husband and wife team?
-Why did you go from working on Wall Street to working in education?
-What’s your ultimate dream/mission for Mindprint?


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