Turn Any Game Into Virtual Reality | Positive Phil Chats With CEO

MyDream Swift, which converts regular games into VR.

We interview CEO and Founder Allison Huynh

“Imagine playing all your favorite 3D first person games in VR — all it takes is a click of a button,” said Allison Huynh, founder and CEO of MyDreamVR. MyDream Swift features two display modes: First Person Shooter and Cinema “big screen mode.” Swift works with recent AAA games (e.g. Battlefield, Borderlands, Dirt, etc.) and supports popular older games like Portal 2, Dishonored and WarCraft.

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imagesMyDreamVR is a content creation platform where users can create and experience rich and immersive content. 

MyDreamVR = VR Platform + Creative Sandbox + Tower Defense Game

MyDreamVR Launches MyDream Swift App to Convert Any Game or Video Into Virtual Reality

Swift VR App Auto-Converts Hundreds of AAA-Game Titles to VR Without a Single Line of Code


SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – Mar 15, 2016) – [VRDC] — MyDreamVR (mydreamvr/), VR company and development studio behind the creative community game that allows players to create 3D worlds, today announced their expansion with two new products: MyDream Swift, an end-user app that converts dozens of non-VR games into a fully immersive virtual reality experiences and MyDreamVR’s Metaverse, a user-generated platform for creating and playing immersive virtual reality worlds and complete games with friends.

MyDreamVR is a user-generated platform for creating VR content in real-time with friends. The platform features more than 5000 VR realistic, beautiful and exciting worlds to explore and play. The platform also features voxel terrain generation, realistic editing of infinite virtual worlds, voxel by voxel editing of every item in each world, permissions management, character animations and a social network menu system. MyDreamVR is available at mydreaminteractive.com and on STEAM.

MyDreamSwift is an app available on Mac, PC and Android mobile that converts any existing game or video into a totally immersive VR experience. In 3 easy steps, pick a favorite non-VR AAA game or video, load it in Swift and experience it in VR quickly and easily. The app features hundreds of game titles and allows viewers your watch favorite videos from youtube or GoPro 360 in VR with a click of a button and without a single line of code. MyDreamSwift is $29.99 and is now available at mydreamvr.com/swift.

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