Wireless Platform Driving Significant Revenue

The company is Zumigo, which specializes in authentication around secure mobile e-commerce.  Zumigo is pioneering new mobile secure e-commerce financial services that deliver a rich experience for customers through more relevant, secure, context-based information, all based on mobile location across global networks. www.zumigo.com

Today we welcome CEO and Founder..Chirag Bakshi – CEO

Zumigo was founded by Chirag Bakshi, a veteran of the mobile industry and Silicon Valley, and previously Vice President & General Manager of the VeriSign Mobile Messaging business.  Chirag joined VeriSign through their acquisition of Unimobile, where he was COO and a Founder. He helped the company build a world-class scalable and robust Wireless Platform driving significant revenue for Mobile Operators and Enterprises.

Chirag has assembled a team of mobile engineers and product professionals who have collectively launched some of North America’s most broadly deployed mobile technologies prior to joining forces at Zumigo.

As you know, there are concerns all the way up to the boardroom about security breaches and lost consumer data, including credit card information.  As a brief overview, by spanning the intersection of mobile messaging, location and marketing technologies, Zumigo’s approach to mobile services benefits carriers, enterprises, financials services and subscribers.  Its solutions drive broader adoption of mobile services through context aware applications based on location (cell phone location) of transactions.  Because of Zumigo’s access to the mobile carriers globally, application developers and enterprises using Zumigo applications can extend their reach to the entire mobile population, both smartphone and non-smartphone users.

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